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Strategies for Becoming a High Achiever

1. Cultivate an ‘Aspiring Mentality’, not an ‘Arrival Mentality’

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard

Learn to focus your thinking on the next challenge at every opportunity. Success to a high achiever brings relief … relief that they didn’t lose! …. elation comes after this and never truly lasts. Embrace the psychological power of constantly taking energy from ‘profiling the next level’.

2. Personal Responsibility & Discipline

Ultimately all great performance when stripped down focuses on each individual and their ability to recognise their own personal responsibility and its impact on results. Personal discipline is the framework with which all performance execution is built from. Remember: Its your life, your career and essentially your rewards or failure.

3. Do the Basics Right … Everytime

Execute on what matters. Focus on the tasks that ‘move the needle’ from both a performance process and results perspective. Great performance on the highest stage is created paradoxically far away from that arena. Every day is an opportunity to fine tune skills, mindsets and approaches. Execute this well at every opportunity.

4. Understand the ‘Skill – Challenge’ Mindset

The key to growth – personal and professional – is to constantly balance the challenge of the environment with your current skills and capabilities. ‘High Skill – Low Challenge’ brings ‘apathy’, ie a top Premier League player playing in a team of Under-14’s. The converse is ‘High Challenge – Low Skill’ which brings the opposite emotion of ‘Anxiety’, ie an Under-14 year old player playing for a top Premier League team. The key is to constantly seek out and find challenges that are pushing the edges of your skill level. This is where massive development occurs.

5. “Everything Matters – Nothing is Neutral”

In a world of constant change and stimulus the hardest task is understanding what to pay attention to and what not to attend to. In the world of high performance a core characteristic of the high achiever is the ability to absorb multiple information and data points; hold them in their mind but have the ability to filter them to use only the data points that drive performance in the moment. This is one of the core characteristics of people who achieve sustainable high performance.

6. The Difference is You

A hallmark of highly successful performers is their ability to embrace the personal responsibility of winning. As an elite athlete and performer matures in their career a key difference in their thinking comes when they actively seek and obtain environments and challenges that allow them to feel their abilities are making a definable difference. This mental shift towards actively choosing ‘freedom and responsibility’ is the final step on the journey towards sustainable high performance.