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DNA of a High Achiever

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba

Elite sport provides an incredible lens to view and understand the characteristics and mindsets of the high achieving individual.

The depth of talent combined with the constant and varying challenge of the elite sports environment allows you to understand the evolution a person takes on the journey to high achievement and self-actualisation.

The cornerstone of consistent high performance is the ability of the individual to take their talent, apply the necessary sacrifice and commitment and focus on the execution of clear goals.

Research from Harvard states that ‘best performers’ across a variety of sectors and industries are on average four times more productive than average performer. The High Achiever Mindset is special in its ability to understand the relationship between Intelligence (IQ); Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and a key facet of execution – Contextual Intelligence (CQ), or the ability to know how best to get the most from your environmental setting.

Professional, elite sport provides a great platform to understand the DNA of the high achievers mind. The best athletes have a obsession for excellence; an incredible attention to detail around the smallest tasks and high levels of ‘productive paranoia’ or the ability to constantly focus and refocus by using the threat of competition and loss of market share as a primary motivational driver. Ultimately, a company or organisation is a vehicle through which the high achiever plays out their abilities to the world.