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Creating a High Performance Environment

For all great, sustained performance to arise there has to be a commitment to the execution of several key pillars in the high performance environment continuum.
San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs

The cornerstone of high performance in an environment is the passionate desire and curiosity to be the best – both individually and as an organisation. Without this humility and collective will to explore and push the boundaries for new and exciting ways of working then sustainable, inspirational high performance is not possible.

The second major factor is cultivating a ‘winning mentality’ in everything you do. The common denominator across all high performance platforms is the focus to create a ‘no excuses’ environment. Essentially this involves an individual and organisational focus around attending to the detail and consistently asking oneself: what are all the things that prevent high performance from occurring? The answer to this question will create the framework that drives all core business operations. Ultimately the team that attends to these ‘Performance Pitfalls’ the best will be the ones with the greatest probability of success.

Finally, the third core facet of a high performance environment is the ability to ruthlessly execute on what matters to winning. Great teams have an incredible understanding of what needs to be done to win – strategically and operationally – and they have spent the time to understand what factors ‘move the needle’.

Competitive advantage in any sector often comes in understanding what factors are response for high performance and ultimately success and then consistently executing on these time after time.