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Learn To Manage Your Big Ego Talent

30th January 2015

If you can learn to manage your big ego talent, you’re well on the way to building a great team. Don’t instantly disregard difficult talent. Learn to understand first whether it is coachable or not The biggest ego talent are often the best prepared to step into the white hot stage where the winner takes […]

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Who Gave You Your Chance In Life?

26th January 2015

We all are thankful for someone giving us a chance to show our ability early in our careers. Who gave you your chance in life? When you think about your talent or the people in your business, test your own prejudices around whether they are good enough or not. We all switch off from what […]

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Basic Rules For Growing Your Talent

23rd January 2015

Growing your talent is a full-time responsibility that must be shared by everyone, and there are some basic rules to follow to get it right. Talent Management is not an HR responsibility – it’s a Leadership responsibility. Be attentive to the development curve of your talent and understand the constant balance between Skill and Challenge. […]

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Build Your Business Around Your Best Talent

19th January 2015

Finding talent is easy; finding the right talent to suit your organizational culture is the real genius. There is no such thing as a winning or losing business; people make them winning or losing. The best teams have a unique but consciously constructed culture that drives all behaviours and decisions. They talk about culture all […]

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99% Of Recruitment Is About Who You Don’t Sign

15th January 2015

In the middle of the January transfer window for European soccer, the key recruitment message at elite sports teams is clear: 99% of recruitment is about who you don’t sign. All great organizations take pride in their culture and nurture and protect it at every opportunity If you are a high performing organization at the […]

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What Drives High Performance In Your Business?

12th January 2015

Focus on the basics that drive high performance and maximize these at every opportunity. Whatever business you work in, get these fundamentals of high performance right to drive success day after day. 1) Nothing happens without a desire to be great; logic may drive insight but emotion drives behaviour. A passionate desire to be the […]

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Will 2015 Be Just Another Year, Or Will It Be YOUR Year?

9th January 2015

Are you really curious about what leads to high performance? Make 2015 the year you find out. When was the last time you really pushed the envelope and had the curiosity to understand and push the boundaries in your work? Do you just stick to the same actions day after day, knowing they’ve brought you […]

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Are You Ready For The Next Level Of Your Career?

9th January 2015

You might enjoy success today, but do you really know how to prepare for the unknown of tomorrow? All great performance comes from constantly questioning yourself about whether you can do more, and in a different way. All great individual talent and inspirational teams have the unique (but trained ability) to consistently discipline themselves to […]

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“Winning after Winning” – The Psychology of Ongoing Success

14th November 2014

It has been said that anyone can get lucky enough to win big once. Under-performance by the competition at a critical moment; an unsustainable high performance spike by a key player in a team; a poor decision by a referee giving an unfair advantage. The list goes on. What defines champion athletes and great teams […]

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