Mike Forde Performance

What Drives High Performance In Your Business?

Focus on the basics that drive high performance and maximize these at every opportunity.


Whatever business you work in, get these fundamentals of high performance right to drive success day after day.

1) Nothing happens without a desire to be great; logic may drive insight but emotion drives behaviour. A passionate desire to be the best is one of the strongest tools in your arsenal as emotion is passed in action.

2) It’s hard to create a winning culture without winning or being successful. Cultivate a winning mentality to build this spirit in yourself and your team. Be open to the strategy and tactics that allow you to win with the talent pool you have today.

3) Learn to embrace the ruthless execution of the basics, not once in a while but every single time. In moments of great pressure people forget to do the basics, yet the big moments are often determined by the individual and team who can hold their nerve and do what works best.